A Different Way to Feel Better About Yourself

Look on the internet and there are many tips and tricks that you can use to make yourself feel better about yourself. Maybe my tip is unusual, or maybe it isn’t, but it’s definitely worth trying.

Write Your Life Resume


Every person who has ever written a resume has embellished some parts (or all) of it. The basic premise of a resume is to highlight your best qualities & skills that you’ve acquired over the years through school, volunteer work, and your jobs.  So rather than have that constant negative-self-talk, why not write down all of the cool things you’ve ever experience and learned throughout your years?

If you’re old like me (I’m only 45), you have had a chance to experience a lot of great things!

Did you get to start a business? Sweet!

Did you get a lot of promotions?  Cool!  If you didn’t get that promotion, how hard did you work to get the next one?

You can change the oil of your car? That’s actually amazing.

You coach your daughters little league football? Damn.

You can build a freaking dog house?!?! That’s so rad!

Even as simple as “you went outside”? Awesome.

If we look at the present and be sad, why can’t we look at ALL that we’ve been able to do and accomplish so far and be happy? Why not?

We’ve made it so far.  We’ve fought the good fight. Pat ourselves on the back and get out there and do more cool things!

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