Celebrate Being Average

I made a decision to start vlogging in order to celebrate being average. If I just start, let’s see how this goes. I may as well have fun and figure out what happens later.

There’s a lot going on with me right now. I’m working out a bit more with some body weight training, running 2-3 times a week, volunteer with my church, building an online store, learning to be better at social media, all while working full time and being a family man. I’m cognizant of how I’m feeling too! I can feel overwhelmed with what’s going on in my head and my body. I’m also glad that I can feel these feelings because I can adjust, breathe and let go.

– Patience –

Everything that I want to do and go after will take time. I don’t have to be great at it, and I don’t have to be number one. I just have to be. As long as I’m happy during the journey, things will be great!

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